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Exhibition exemplifies six artists’ mission statement

(From left) Sukor Romat, Safwan Ahmad, Mia Farizza and Faizal Sidik are among the artist taking part in the exhibition

By: Yip Yoke Teng

Yip Yoke Teng, “Bold, Different  and Loud”, Published by The Star (Metro), 13 Aug 2009, sec M20-M21 (illustrated). (Online) (PDF)

THE art movement of Neo-Abstraction has set off a fountain of possibilities for young artists, who are encouraged to be bold, inspired to be different and provoked to be loud.
This trend is exemplified by six young artists who call themselves “Satu” with a joint exhibition titled “Neo-Abstraction: Space, Colour and Light”, which is on now until Sunday at Wisma Kebudayaan SGM in Kuala Lumpur.
The exhibition presents a diversity of styles reflecting the views, likings and experiences of the artists, brought together by the curator Faizal Sidik.
However, the diversity brings forth a common concept that is not only visually pleasing, but also thought-provoking.
A coil of wonder: ‘Lingkaran Empat Segi’ by Elias Yamani has interesting curves and colours.

“Neo-Abstraction is basically an extension of the abstract movement; it is also a step forward of the ideas that have tugged the artist’s emotions,” said 31-year-old Faizal from Petaling Jaya.
He said he had always preferred abstract over realism. “To me, art is about conveying an idea instead of merely capturing a scene. Instead of being just an illustration, an art work should be able to strike a chord among its audience.”
Faizal started looking for like-minded art buddies six months ago by visiting a number of studios and exhibitions.
His newfound buddies are Elias Yamani Ismail, Isnian Ibrahim, Mia Farizza, Safwan Ahmad and Sukor Romat who used various media and methods to explore the untapped possibilities of space, colour and light.
“The purpose of this exhibition is to discover several possibilities and variables that arts and science could co-exist. Science is not only confined to experiments in the labs but also human behaviour,” he said.
“The various media used in this exhibition is an attempt to enrich the viewers’ perception and experience in looking at objects of art in their everyday life,” he added.
Pounding: Faizal Sidik's 'Broken Heart' depicts the feeling an unsuccessful relationship

Faizal’s offering is the “Broken Heart” series comprising four heart-shaped boards — some with trickles of red while another coated with sugar — to etch out the feelings entailing an unsuccessful relationship. Red round-shaped boards painted with radial lines, which are from his earlier series called “Sublime”, steer one’s attention to the inner space, are interspersed among the hearts.

Faizal Sidik's 'Sweet Heart' , Sugar on panel, 244 cm x 244 cm

The works of Sukor Romat, 24, and Mia Farizza, 33, are a refreshing splash of colours.
Sukor uses bubbles of mainly blue and yellow hues to show the beauty of the universe, which can only be seen with the existence of light. “Light grants us these beautiful sights,” said the artist who had been fascinated by astronomical elements ever since he attended a talk by Malaysian astronaut Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor.
Graceful sways: Mia’s acrylic works lure with lightness, movement and translucence reminiscent of Chinese ink painting.

Mia, a producer-turned-artist, moves her audience with her depiction of seaweeds in warm tropical colours. Her acrylic works lure with lightness, movement and translucence reminiscent of Chinese ink painting.
“The works actually reflect my impulsive and impatient nature, that’s why I like acrylic because it dries up fast,” she said.
She glided on the colours and mixed them with dashes of water according to how she felt at the very moment. As a result, the subjects and colours swayed gracefully and they, to the artist, were abstract portrayals of the stories she had in mind.
“I grew up wanting to be a writer, I always have these stories I want to tell and I find art an engaging way to share these feelings with others,” she added.
Meanwhile, Safwan Ahmad’s “Isolate” adopts wooden blocks as the medium while Elias Yamani Ismail’s “Lingkaran” is characterised by colourful curves and colours. Isnian Ibrahim captures the massive and sometimes unhealthy development of the city in his works titled “Blooming Lights”.
Wisma Kebudayaan SGM is located at No: 243, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. For details, call 03-2141 2003. The exhibition is open from 11am to 6pm daily.

Press Coverage
Yip Yoke Teng, “Bold, Different  and Loud”, Published by The Star (Metro), 13 Aug 2009, sec M20-M21 (illustrated). (Online) (PDF) 
(Artists: Faizal Sidik, Elias Yamani, Isnian Ibrahim, Sukor Romat, Mia Farriza & Safwan Ahmad

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