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A decade of change under one roof

Faizal Sidik  with is charcoal-on-paperentitled WMD Weapon of Mass Destruction.

By: Geetha Krishnan

Geetha Krishnan, “A Decade of Change Under One Roof”, Published by The Star (Metro), 20 Dec 2006, sec M32 (illustrated).  (PDF)

ARTISTIC efforts of 10 years come under one roof for Faizal Sidik's solo exhibition at the MTDC Gallery in Serdang. 
The soft-spoken artist who is also the gallery curator has diligently collected many of his early, intermediate and present works for the retrospective exhibition to gauge how he has developed as an artist.  
The idea is to also identify the progressive changes in the artist's thinking and to delve into the different emotions he underwent through each period.  

A total of 50 sketches and drawings share the limelight of the exhibition.
Faizal Sidik: Drawing 1996-2006 is divided into three timeframes - 1996 to 2000, 2001 to 2004 and Recent Work.  
The defining period for the artist was 1996 to 2000 where his efforts were concentrated on sculptures.  
The 28-year-old artist is a Sculpture major from UiTM's Fine Art and Design Art Faculty. 
Before working on his sculptures, Faizal sketched extensively.  
It is these treasured early sketches that form the bulk of works from the 1996 to 2000 period. 
“Before sketching the human body, I believe it is important for the artist to understand body structure,” said Faisal who has served as lecturer, curator and art advisor.  
“I studied and sketched anatomy to gain a better understanding of the human body. The insight helped me shape the framework for my sculptures and I was happy with the end results,” he said. 
A walk through this part of the exhibition reveals rough sketches of human limbs and bone structure - from pencil on paper, Faizal then moves on to mixed media. 
Sketches Study 5 of mixed media.
The shift to 2001 to 2004 is quite drastic.  
Here, Faizal's drawings are of war victims in Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan, many subjects bearing the brunt of the war like bullet-ridden bodies and ravaged homes. 
The artist's focus for Recent Work shifts again with him hoping to gain a psychological perspective through three pieces, Horizontal and Vertical Line, Sensation 5, and Sensation 6. 
Mixed media on paper The Demolition.

“Everyone has a different opinion and interpretation. My intention is to discover, if my personal interpretation matches the opinion of people viewing my works,” he said. 
For instance, you'd think Horizontal and Vertical Line was just a blank piece of canvas.  
Closer examination would reveal horizontal and vertical lines along the edges, framing the canvas. 

For many other interpretations, visit Faizal Sidik: Drawing 1996-2006 now at Block K, UPM-MTDC Technology Incubation Centre 1, Serdang (03-8941 4652) until Dec 30.

Press Coverage

Geetha Krishnan, “A Decade of Change Under One Roof”, Published by The Star (Metro), 20 Dec 2006, sec M32 (illustrated).  (PDF)

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