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By : Faizal Sidik (2006)

'Faizal Sidik: Drawing 1996-2006' art exhibiton was a solo retrospektive show  to  review works on papers that I  made in ten years of career. Eventhough my specialisation when I studied in the Faculty of Art and Design in UiTM or in Fine Art Department was majoring in sculpture, drawings was a basic aspect and the most important things to focus to all the higher art institution which offered creative arts programme such as visual arts, designs, architectures, multimedia, animations and so on.

50 selected artworks of sketches and drawings were collected but so many of my drawings during 10-year period of times not included in my first solo show. If you look at my folio which I put in front, part of it has become a collections of  higher education art institutions, art galleries and private collectors, some of the drawings also I donated to galleries which organized charity shows to look for fund forthe orphans, welfares and elderly house or NGO’s that need money.

If you look at my folio I also have divided it into five sections such as sketches, drawings, mixed media, paintings and sculptures. However in this exhibition I only focused on sketches and drawings because I have strong beliefed into this medium to stimulate the eye of the beholder. Eventhough  at the same time I also made  sculptures and paintings.

All of the drawings from 1996 to 2000 in this exhibition have a technical and metodology  quality from my studied process of ideas, materials and equipments with a final artworks in my specialisation in sculpture.I was touched with the war issue which happened arround me in the year of 1996 to 2004. I documented the effects of war who were turbulence in the drawing which occured in Balkan countries such as Bosnia and Middle-East like Palestine and Iraq which are still in war until today.

For me to upgrade our knowledges it is not enough just reading and practising, you have to do more, so I made my first  journey to Europe at the end of 2004 for a couples of weeks, It was a very interesting trip which gave me an inspiration of a new ideas in understanding the perception on how to look at my artworks, and the questionsof what is the meaning of art?. When I returnedI made a lot of studies. The studies took me nearly a year before I was really well  prepared to stand a canvas and the end products is what you can see in my recent works in 2006.

1996 – 2000
Sketches are  pre-idea process, exploration, researching, documentations and notes, how the actual size artwork to be made. Sketches are usually fast and spontaneous, the it spontaneity here means it can be made anywhere because sketches did not need someone to get prepared before doing it.

I made so many sketches of anatomies studies of human body in this years, this skill is very important to someone before he can draw human figures. We are created by the god with a perfect proposition. By knowing the forms of bones and positions in human body make it easier  for us to master in the  drawings.The notes and my sketches studies to be made the final artworks usually using a mixed medium to make it fresher with the issues and commentation

2001 - 2005
What is a war? War is about killing each other.Everyday when you open newspapers, televisions or radios we are often bombarded by the disorder everywhere around the world. I am very angry  to see the impact of wars such as in Palestine, Bosnia, Afghanistan and now in Iraq. As an artist I also have a responsibility with my own ways to protest about this, they do not make sense, as it they have to be lost their humanism.

A lot of human figures images which visualised  in my artworks were  taken from mass media such as newspapers and magazines. The images which I took from this media was quite small, so hard to provokethe emotion to the public, my intention and focus point was the eyes of the children and the victims of the wars, I used the dark colours to visualise their future.My stand here is wars not the solution to solve a crisis, wars can be avoided by a dialogue, the impacts of wars is hearting!

Recent Drawing
My recent works were very different from what you could see before, it was ‘thinking process’ works which were closed with the concept of how we think about the object. The artworks were inspired by  the suggestions of Immanuel Kant a German philosopher. He said “in our life we have transcendence experience and the experiences have a efforts to make transcendence knowledges, the knowledge that not so many object inside it, but it has more object concept that follow thru principle”. What was said by Kant about the transcendental experiences was an experience that cannot be seen in our naked eye, even though it was held in our mind, so if we have an idea but still cannot transform it without visual pictorial that was what he called the transcendental experience.

Kant gave suggestions on how transcendental experiences can be known in two stages, first stage we control our  sensational perception in the spaces and times. In this artworks I made a canvas surface (medium which exist and can be seen with our naked eye as aesthetic values) as the space and time during the works were displayed to represent my transcendental aesthetics. However after you have known its existence in spaces and time I created vertical and horizontal lines within a measurement of size as logical transcendence. (can make sense with the existence of material in space and time)

What is a sensation? Sensation is a sensory perception, when we are looking at something the sensory perception change our feeling which is called perception. Sensation is something that stimulate your soul. For example we taste with our tongue, listen to the sounds with your ear, fell the temperature with our skin, to see the light with our eye, however all this is pre-experiences. Perception is conscious about an object.

Sensation enter thru our 5 senses. First from our eye it goes to the brain, than the object is observed, after that the object was realized or notified. Do you know how this process happen? Actually the sensations enter the brain thru a few of channel. This channel are also called as receptors arrangement. Due to the arrangement of receptors  not all the stimulation  faced by our senses can enter to the brain. The traps are arranged by the perception in line with the intentions.

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