Ahad, 5 Februari 2017

Mr. Faizal Sidik that I know, A friend, A curator and An artist...

By: Zubair Afandi bin Omar
Koperasi Pelukis - Pelukis Negara Berhad

Born in Petaling Jaya, he went to the same school that I did i.e. it was know as the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seaport back then which is now the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sri Permata.

I never knew or met him back then. I only knew he was 6 years my junior when we 1st met 5 years ago at the main lobby of the National Arts Gallery in Kuala Lumpur. It caught me by surprise. It's a very small world indeed. Since then we became friends.

As far as I am aware, ever since he graduated in the year 2000, Mr. Faizal Sidik has dedicated his passion and career as an artist and also as a renowned curator. He participated in many group exhibitions and curated and co-curated many art shows for many upcoming and renowned artists.

The two solo exhibitions earlier have enhanced his passion and with this 3 rd solo exhibition, he revealed his excitement via his unique masterpieces to the public. He is extremely passionate with the traditional Malay Songket and he is the only (maybe and possibly the only artist in the world) as far as I know whom transited and transcribed the multiple Songket's patterns and style into exceptional work of art.

His dedication and passion to the art world does not stop only as an artist nor a curator. He is also a bureau head and a committee member in the Koperasi Pelukis - Pelukis Negara Berhad (KPNB). He has been involved be it directly or indirectly with many charitable programs or activities initiated by our KPNB via our Sireh Pinang Art Colony, with many charitable organisations and NGOs.

Truthfully, I believe with his passionate perseverance, his distinctive Songket masterpieces will be made known to the world in the near future. Insya Allah.

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