Rabu, 6 Januari 2016

Faizal Sidik: Artist as Curator 'Kuratis' & ASEAN Art Show

V'Buzz Talk Show 
Astro Vermeen 
Channel 321
10-11 pm

Part 1 - minute to12.50

Part 2
VBuzz 1 Jan 2016 hosted by Juanita Ramayah and Shangkharee Nadarajan

Faizal Sidik - Artist & Curator

1.   How did you get involved in art, could you share with us a little of your background and education in art?

2.   Where do you derive your inspiration from?

3.   We’ve read that your work explores the idea of the collective conscience, could you explain to us what this means?

4.   Could you share with us what your creative process is before you curate an exhibition?

5.   Could you tell us a little about your recent book, Art of ASEAN?

6.   Could you share with us what you’ll be working on in 2016?